Balance. That is what we represent. Yin Yang Voices is a media company striving to bring the unity of the professionals and the aspiring. We focus primarily on voice over and audio production.


Here at Yin Yang Voices, we understand how frustrating it can be for indies and aspiring creatives to find and produce professional sounding work. Check out what we do below! We're always happy to help when and where we can.

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Studio Rentals

We partner with the finest studios in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to give clients the most professional quality recordings for their project, all on a budget!

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Voice Acting

We have an extensive roster of talented individuals whose experiences vary from numerous forms in the entertainment media.

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Audio Post-Production

If you ever need any audio cleaned up, we've got your back! Our engineer works diligently to make sure your sound is as clear and consistent as can be.

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Demo Production Package

Feel that you're ready to send out a professional demo, but scared of the price tag? Yin Yang provides all the necessary ingredients to make one for a steal!

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Demo Scripting

Need help setting a scene for your spots? Our writers can make it easier on you and provide you with up to 7 spots, tailoring it to your individual strengths.

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Wander No More

A kinetic visual novel which centers around the life of Kouichirou Nabatame, a renowned samurai, and Chiyo, a young village girl. Wander No More tells the story of how these two met, became a family, and attempted to restore their lives to what they once were.

Highway Blossoms

A kinetic visual novel about a girl named Amber who is trying her best to be alone on the road until she stumbles upon a young hitchhiker and the journal of a prospector from long ago.

Lucid9: Inciting Incident

A visual novel focused on a web of intricate mysteries set in the fictional 2018 metropolis of Isamu. Lucid9: Inciting Incident is the first part of the story, focused on a string of disappearances that occur at a prestigious, uppity boarding academy.

Zodiac Axis

A mystery visual novel that blends suspense, romance, and Asian-inspired fantasy elements using charming characters and a lush worldlore.

National Park Girls

A five-part episodic visual novel focusing on National Parks, where you follow Eve who's working to fulfil her dream of protecting and preserving nature, but budgets – and people – get in the way.

Reanimation Scheme

A romance visual novel with necromancy, love, life and death as its central themes, woven together in a carefully crafted tale about discovering long-buried secrets — and yourself.

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The Team

John Wesley Go

Founder, Head Director, Project Manager, Writer

John Wesley Go is a voice actor and director, known primarily for his work in anime and visual novels. He created Yin Yang to help unite professional and aspiring creatives.

Patrick Mealey

Head Creative Consultant, Casting Director, Voice Director

Patrick is a voice actor for animation, video games, commercials and more! He strives to bring the best to every project he does and will go the extra mile to make it a great experience for the director. He acts as a casting and voice director.

Jacob Wilson

casting director, assistant director

Jacob Wilson is a voice actor featured in a multitude of projects ranging from Visual Novels to Animations and Video games. Whether it’s a lead in a big game or a one off in a comic dub, Jacob gives his all to anything he is asked for! He acts as a casting and assistant voice director.

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We are currently not accepting voice actor submissions at this time. Please refrain from using the contact form for submissions.

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